How it works - Clients


As recruiters we have used the 'mainstream' job sites for many years.  We have become frustrated with them for two reasons: firstly because it is hard to set yourself apart from the competitor - you can't sell your service, your establishment or role beyond words on a page.  Secondly, because there is no governance on the applications you receive.  For years we have spent hours opening every single email from every job board out there and read messages saying "I want a job call me" to "I am in x and have an investment opportunity for you" to "I don't have a CV but have experience in this field".

It takes time to open and assess every application, to read each message, open each CV and delete all those which are completely irrelevant. It means that those candidates who have taken the time and effort to write a cover note and ensure that their CV is up to date are having to compete with time wasters who just annoy the end client.

Wandrlust changes this.

Firstly, you are able to sell your service or establishment in a vibrant, appealing and individual way.  We ask that you write a profile and provide pictures. We want you to sell your establishment in a way that potential employees look at you and think "yes - I want to go and work there".

Secondly, we require that all candidates set themselves up with a profile to apply for roles.  Within this they have to provide details about themselves, their work history, references and a brief biography.  When you receive applications for a position therefore, you have the same information from each candidate, thus enabling you to assess their suitability quickly, efficiently and fairly without having to ask them for further information.