In Conversation With... Izzy Boland, Founder, WandrLust Jobs

Home is…

A little cottage in rural Wiltshire where I live with 3 kids, 2 Tortoises, a cat and a dog.

Favourite city

Hard to choose! I love the vibrancy of NYC and adore Paris, could spend hours in Rome or meandering in Madrid but nothing beats London for just being London and Turin for being an Italian ideal in miniature (and having the best Gelato)

Favourite place in the world

Sitting at the top of the Solaise in Val d’Isère in the summer watching the sun set over the magnificent Alps.  It stills your soul.

Best meal you’ve ever had…

Rockfish takeaway in Dartmouth with the kids crabbing from the quayside following a blustery autumnal day on the coast.  Fish and chips worthy of every accolade they already have, and you get to have a pint at the Dartmouth Arms next door whilst they cook it for you.

Where do you go to let your hair down?

Usually my bath with lots of bubbles (the soapy kind rather than the fun kind)!!

The one restaurant you’re longing to go to

There are loads.  But for me the company and the occasion is more important than the restaurant.  I would rather eat Mushroom Tagliatelle and Tiramisu in a small café with someone who makes my heart sing than aspire to dine at the world’s best restaurants.

Best piece of advice

Don’t feel confined by limitations but rather see them doorways to further opportunities.  There is so much out there on offer and a career built on passion and adventure will enrich your soul.

Biggest extravagance

Getting a really expensive tennis racquet (and then getting a second as a back-up).

If you hadn’t been a recruitment consultant, what would you be?

I always wanted to do 3 jobs. Editor of Conde Nast Traveller, a professional tennis player and a racing driver.